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The first and most important step in becoming an REO agent is to register with the those in control of REO inventory; the Asset Managers and Lenders. But that fact is, it's time consuming and costly to register yourself. Save time and money by sending one application to every national bank, BPO, and asset management company on our list.

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Complete one form and we will personally register you with every major bank and asset management company. Save hours! Submit to 80+ REO and BPO companies.

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We personalize your resume to highlight experience the Asset Managers want to see.
Get noticed and improve your opportunity at assigned listings.

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We create a marketing package with everything an asset manager needs to assign you listings. Marketing packages are great for formal interviews.

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PLUS 'Inside Information' From Tony Rosales

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Tony Rosales is a former Asset Manager with experience and success managing REO properties in all 50 states. Learn directly from Tony how to refine your REO business from the perspective of the Asset Manager. Tony's successful combination of direct no-nonsense communication, knowledge, contacts, customer service, and staying on the cutting edge is why he's fast becoming one of the most sought after consultants in the industry.

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